Open Letter to Mayor Bramson: $2 Million Surplus? Back It Up!

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Open Letter to Mayor Bramson: $2 Million Surplus? Back It Up!

August 05, 2009 - 12:26

Mayor Bramson,

Yesterday, on WVOX Radio, you asserted as fact that downtown development in New Rochelle has produced a $2 million surplus in school revenue when compared to the costs associated with the children's education from these developments. When I called into WVOX radio to challenge this assertion you cut me off. Is this your idea of public service? You make unsubstantiated claims and then suppress those among the public who dare question your claims?

As you chose to cut me off yesterday, refusing to respect honest disagreement, I call on you today to release the study or analysis which supports your claim of a $2 million surplus.

Such a study would list individual projects -- by full legal name & address -- whether each project was a private deal or a partnership with the City of New Rochelle and what size and type of tax abatements they received (IDA, PILOT, mortgage recording, sales tax on building materials, purchase of land from the IDA for $1 etc.). Most importantly, the study would show what the taxes would be for each project at 100% valuation.

On the revenue side, the study would include a detailed breakdown of precisely what revenue you are attributing to these projects -- property tax, sales tax and so on.

On the cost side, your study would show precisely how many children attend New Rochelle Public Schools in each project. Since we know that on average the school district spends about $20,000 per student, the cost side should have been easy to calculate.

The public can then an do their own math to determine what sort of "surplus" -- if any -- has been created.

I would like to see you go even further and provide figures on the following; costs of increased city services (police, fire & sanitation) to support these projects, costs of increased sanitary sewer treatment for bulk waste to support these projects, and the costs o flood mitigation from storm water runoff due to the massive increase in impervious surfaces in New Rochelle as result of these projects. With this information, the public can then get a complete sense of the "surplus" at both the School District level and City government level.

Mayor, you have put forward a very specific figure -- two million dollars in surplus -- but failed to cite any independent research or analysis behind the claim. If there really is a study it is a public record and the people have a right to read it for themselves. If there is no such study you should acknowledge that and admit that your claim of a "surplus" is speculative, based purely on a combination of anecodotal evidence and wishful thinking on your part.

We're waiting.


Anthony Galletta

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Noam is a career politician using is overpaid Mayor position as a stepping stone to his next position in the NY Democratic political machine. This is just another attempt at grabing a favorable headline in a time when New Rochelle has shown that its staff is not up to the task of lowering cost to todays economic reality. Noam must go!

The proof will be in what Bramson leaves for the City of New Rochelle to clean up.
Ikea- left 5th avenue as a mess and to date is only begun to correct itself. Although Idoni gets to wear that one you can thank his buddy Noam for supporting till his democrats in Larchmont dug in....
New Roc a cadre of crap, what is it what has it become what will it be and how long will the tax payers pay for that disaster. Noam was a hugh pusher of that failure.
Parcel 1A- Bramson handed Cappelli the keys to the City on this one...virtually empty producing no Tax revenue and suffering from no real plan or master plan for the City. Did Bramson really thing you could mix crime and 99cents stores with Donald Trump.
It only points him and his buddy Lou as very stupid or blind.
LeCount a failure boarded buildings and no money to be spent by Cappelli as he is getting killed on every project.
New Roc Retail- No leases just Bull Shi* and spin.
Echo bay give away public owner property and then bond the Taxpayers for moving City yard while violating a deed for the Armory. Mean time Forest City on the ropes.
Avalons not exactly chock full of tenants but certainly many with school children attending New Rochelle Schools no matter how much Bramson touted the contrary.
Same goes for New Roc Lofts schools being advertised as a selling feature while Noam Touts this won't affect schools.
Yep its a nice Legacy boy wonder leaves in his wake.

New Rochelle is a better place cause of his actions. Some people get lucky and reap the benefits and some don't. It's a matter of fiscal policy, and you need to learn to get over whatever you think happenned to you. It's in the past, now try and make a go of it on something in the future.

Boy Bramson being groomed for Lowey's job. Been that way for more than 10 years.

He still needs to win an election outside of NR

City Hall, from 90 Beaufort Place to 515 North Ave, is rife with corruption. It's absolutely amazing that the FBI has not led dozens out of there in handcuffs.
That place is one big stinkin' cesspool. Doubt it? Ask around. Nepotism, sexual hijinks, thievery, skirting civil service rules, etc.

there all in on it timmy,noam,matt,beverly,dominnick,ect. it will be hard to prove unless one off them break.

about time someone notices what going on at city hall.

You are quick to condemn - where is your proof... you don't like what is going on, so you spew questionable comments. Your comment is a reply to asking the mayor to substaniate his words, you must do the same.

Your village called , they're looking for you . I can't type it slower , so maybe if you read it slow it will make sense . If you tell me you have a surplus of 5 marbles , I might ask where are they . According to your impecible logic , your response to me would be "where's your proof" ? It might make sense in "doltese" but not in English . Apparently , you've lost your marbles . I can't speak for the mayor , but if I was him I would ask you to not do me any favors .

What Bramson actions are you referring to? Could it be Bramson's vote to stop funding the NR Public Library forcing residents to accept the new library tax? Could it be Bramson's legislation to enact "competition" which was nothing more then a veiled attempt at privatization which would have decimated New Rochelle DPW workers in Local 663? Or could it be Bramson’s vote to fire 16 New Rochelle Firefighters? Maybe it was Bramson’s actions to support IKEA which would have devastated the City Park neighborhood, jammed up Larchmont and put children in peril in the City Park Housing Project? Let’s not forget the night Mayor Bramson abused a immigrant female senior citizen who had trouble speaking at citizens to be heard to the extent that a New Rochelle Firefighter appeared at the next council meeting to straighten Bramson out publicly.
The bottom line is Noam is coming apart at the seams. The Simone project is dead; Forest City is floundering and approaching Echo Bay property owners with their hands out to scrape up enough money to complete the environmental studies. Forest City has offered to make property holders “partners” in the Echo Bay project in an effort to raise the $2 million needed for the studies. M-Squared folded, LeCount/Anderson is stalled and the New Roc expansion has been put on hold indefinitely.
You are correct; Noam Bramson is responsible for turning New Rochelle from Queen City of the Sound to its present day condition!

Ikea would've been an amazing opportunity for New Rochelle, it would've created HUNDREDS of jobs for people who need them in New Rochelle. It's pretty safe to say, Noam Bramson is looking pretty good for the future. Whatever he decides to do, stay in New Rochelle, or move on to higher office, he has my vote. He's worked hard and he'll continue to work hard for New Rochelle, where ever he goes. Start supporting our community and stop being a selfish jealous pig.

Submitted like a loyal spouse!

Noam like the dems on Iraq voted for Ikea before he voted against Ikea!

Since Noam Bramson has been mayor New Rochelle has gone downhill big-time. A better place because of his actions? You must be a relative or work in Lowey's office. The impending revenue shortfall in next years city budget cant be blamed on the economy but on his continuous give-aways to developers especially to his buddy Cappelli. His promoting of the Forest City development plan for Echo Bay on the backs of the already overburdened taxpayers is a prime example of his lack of business and real estate acumen. He has absolutely no clue on how to lead a city, deal with fiscal problems, or interact with concerned citizens who have the best interests of New Rochelle at heart. Leadership is not and has never been one of his qualities. Public speaking and political writings are more in his area of expertise. Lowey's seat for Wonder Boy Bramson? What with a legacy of bicycle paths, bicycle racks, traffic, congestion, noise pollution, over-capacity sewers, dollar stores, nail salons, cell phone stores, revenue shortfall, no master plan, empty homes apartments and store fronts, etc etc etc. Lowey's seat? Higher office? God forbid!!!

Can't confirm but there has been back room discussions within Target about concerns about traffic . Seems that if people have to fight traffic they'll just go to Pelham so why incur start up costs just to have a deflected market ? Doesn't look good . I just hope we don't have a store open only to close within a year .

Target is more concerned about saturation and how that affects the overall bottom line.
Unless Cappelli is giving out multi year lease abatements Target won't come. The IDA has already given the bugger the final PILOT offer which will still require they go out and either spend their own money or find someone to finance the deal.
My guess is Target is dead and burried for New Rochelle. Maybe Cappelli can open a flea market and have a bunch of 99cent stores open up shop.
I think they could name it The Noam Bramson Traveling Circus and Flea Market.

You forgot all of the retail establishments ordered out of North Avenue between Main Street and Huguenot Street over 2 years ago by King Capelli. They have remained warehoused by him with no tax dollars coming into New Rochelle, not to mention the eyesore and ghost- town downtown New Rochelle has become, probably turning off prospective businesses. It's a disgrace what New Rochelle has suffered for over 20 years, and New Rochelle residents have been totally screwed; paying higher taxes than ever!

We have been given different reports about the number of children in these downtown tax abated buildings? We need unbiased statistics.

this is very disappointing to read and to experience. all indicators are from other sources in city government that the opposite is true; declining revenues are a major stumbling block to fiscal mamagement. Examining the current school budget gives no hint or clue that this is anything approaching a fact.

this is personally sad and disapointing to me on a personal level and can only attribute this to a lapse in judgement similar to obama's gaffe on the cambridge incident.

look, lets assume he is right to play the devil's advcate. if so, then it adds to the budget fiasco in the school district. next installment will be a windfall from oppenheimer when the state gets ready to distribute from their trough.

nothing of course from the council.

God help us all in these difficult and trying times when the mirrors crack and you see people for the first time in a totally different light.

warren gross

Did anyone else see the sign that Shop Rite is coming to the Home Depot Expo site? It is good that someone is moving in, but we have ample supermarkets. Too bad it wasn't more retail (or a Barnes & Noble!) rather than grocery.

Also, from I-95 I saw the sign that Ashley Furniture is coming soon to the old Linen's N Things location.

It seems like progress to me.

So the latin kings can learn to read?! Don't we have a library which is free. Oh no, the illegals who are all in the gangs stand outside the library and beat up the people who come in and out of them. That's what cox reported on his site a few months back. We really need to get the illegal mexicans out of New Rochelle before it's too late. Today's situation was the reason why.

We have 3 colleges in New Rochelle and a very large school system. This means a lot of people that buy books. Yes, the library is good, and we use it a lot. But how about a bookstore to buy books? The Barnes & Noble in Coop city is really, really busy. It has so many author readings, book signings and other events.

I think a big box book store in New Rochelle would fill a void and be very successful.

A big box book store will have DVDs and CDs, too. Things not quite so easy to find now in NR.

I think NR should try to get a book store before they move into Pelham near Michaels and BJs. Does anyone handle that in City Hall? Promoting space to potential retail tenants?

All private deals which the city had no control over. Strome stated on WVOX that Shop Rite was not what he would want for that location. Major competition for Stop & Shop. Little sales tax from Shop Rite and Ashley will compete with existing furniture store on Weyman Ave. (AArons). Either way let's see how long they last or if they will cancel out. What happened to Kohls & Wal Mart at New Roc? No signed leases, can you say down the tubes???????

Finance commissioner Howard Rattner informed city council of a projected $3 million revenue shortfall and mayor Bramson espouses a $2 million surplus in school taxes what a joke. The city administration has distanced themselves from the school district from the time of incorporation. When the city grants PILOT, Payment In Lieu Of Tax abatements the school district receives $0. Bramson must be including private development which the city has no control. Considering the shift of proerty taxes from commercial to homeowners Bramson is off base.
This is about blue smoke and mirrors, it’s called the city hall shuffle. When the public calls for accountability blow smoke, spin around, shift hands and smile. There has never been a surplus in school taxes and never will be no matter how strong your corrective lenses are.