BREAKING NEWS: City Hall Employee Arrested by DEA; New Rochelle Computer Systems Compromised by Latin Kings Street Gang

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BREAKING NEWS: City Hall Employee Arrested by DEA; New Rochelle Computer Systems Compromised by Latin Kings Street Gang

August 09, 2009 - 17:00

City employees have been advised to change their passwords following the arrest of an employee in the Information Technology department at City Hall by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. The employee is allegedly a member of the notorious Latin Kings street gang, known to operate in New Rochelle.

Sources tell Talk of the Sound, the employee had administrative-level access to computers in City Hall, the New Rochelle Police Department and other City agencies. This would have, in turn, given the employee access to information on confidential informants, pending anti-Gang and anti-drg initiatives, on-going undercover and surveillance operations and much more.

The Latin Kings are considered the largest and most organized Hispanic street gang in the United States. Originally formed in Chicago in the 1940's. The Latin Kings expanded into the New York area in the 1980's.

UPDATE: the guy arrested is Jason Martinez. He allegedly tried to sell ecstasy to an undercover cop working for the D.A. According to the Journal News, Martinez was arrested two weeks ago.

I asked Chuck Strome for a comment last night when we first broke the story but he has, so far, not responded. According to Aman Ali, Strome says he will issue a statement today but already Strome has apparently said that Martinez did not represent any sort of security risk. I have news for the City government, when ANY person working in your IT department is arrested for dealing drugs by definition they are a security risk.


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you must live next to noam there are several gangs in new rochelle wake up please.

How about the buffalohead gang operating out of 90 Beaufort?

iss not a gang esse , iss a club mang

what about the rest off the corrupt people at city fall when will they come down cant wait will be best day of my life.

There is going to be a massive sweep in New Rochelle very soon of all illegal mexicans and any other people who are living illegally in our city. It's long past due and now that we know these major gangs were trying to infiltrate the city's government, it's now time to destroy their infrastructure within the city. There are other people they're going to investigate as well who might've been aiding the latino gangs in gaining information. Cox, any idea what happens to the children if the parents are illegal and swept back to mexico? Do you know how many students in the New Rochelle school district fall into this category? What is the number of students who are actually illegal and what is the number of students who's parents are illegal but they were born here?
Each of these kids needs to be watching and investigated. This is the only way we can root the problem of gang violence in the schools. It's coming from the latino community and this is the only way to deal with it.

While I completely agree with you that New Rochelle has a LARGE illegal immigration problem and it is mostly mexican, they are not the ONLY illegals here. And let's not forget about the gangs that come out of the african american community. New Rochelle does need to do something about the illegal immigration problem but please don't blame all of New Rochelles problems on just one group of people. Some of us are hard working people!

Huh ?! What are you talking about?? How in the hell is that in any form related to the article??

It seems the Latin Kings Job Traing program is working with city benefits as well.