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Your Taxes are Going Way Up - Jump in Tax Appeals to Trigger Massive Increase in School Taxes-- Revisited


An article published, on July 17th, in the Journal News provides additional evidence that New Rochelle school taxes will increase in excess of the 3.3% claimed by the district.

Back in early May I forecast that New Rochelle property owners could expect property tax increases between 6% and 9% (2 to 3 times higher then district projections) based on much higher then normal property tax relief appeals. The article in the JN confirms this as the number of property tax grievances is approximately double when compared to last year.

According to the JN roughly 21% of New Rochelle residential property owners have filed for property tax reduction. In my May 7th post I projected that the number would be 20%.

City tax assessor Louis Perone now says “The City is expecting around 2,500 (appeals) this year”. Last year 1,320 cases were filed. Perone expects a “majority” of the 2,500 grievances will be granted. Last year only 416 of the 1,320 (32 percent) were successful. When Perone states a “majority will be granted” we should expect something over 50%. I expect that number to be in the area of 75% to 80%.

BREAKING: Car on Train Tracks Behind Avalon One Apartments


Car on Tracks 2.jpg

We are getting unconfirmed reports that a car went through a barrier and ended up on the train tracks behind the Avalon apartment building at 275 Huguenot Street. No reports yet if anyone was injured. Police are responding to the scene. If anyone is in the area can take a few photos -- even on their cell phone camera -- or shoot some video please send it along.


UPDATE: We are starting to get in some photos courtesy of Talk of the Sound readers. Obviously this report is now confirmed. Thanks folks. Keep them coming!

UPDATE: We are hearing that the driver of the vehicle is OK. We here the driver was rounding the corner and instead of turning towards the taxi stand the driver continued straight into the fence, the car then dropped about 20 feet down the hill. Looking at the photos of the car on the tracks I am going to say that no one was seriously injured; unless the fence and brush slowed the car as it fell.

BREAKING NEWS: More Trouble for the McKnight "Family" As Car Chase on I-95 Ends with Weapons Drawn


Reliable sources have informed Talk of the Sound there was more trouble for the McKnight "family" tonight following a car chase by New Rochelle police officers that came to an end with a suspect arrested at gunpoint on the Hutchison River Parkway off I-95.

On Sunday a young woman called the New Rochelle Police Department to report that the father of her child had menaced her, threatening to produce a gun but not actually producing the weapon. NRPD responded to the call outside her residence. She told officers she was the daughter of Detective Timothy McKnight. Also present was Demetrius Hazelton, who recently filed a lawsuit against the NRPD, after he was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge. Readers will recall Hazelton also dropped McKnight's name to police.

NRPD spent a good part of the day looking out for the young man who had menaced the young woman. Later in the day the young woman called NRPD a second time to report that she was on I-95 and that the young man was in a car ahead of her. NRPD responded immediately, chasing down the car and arresting the young man.

Back at the station, the young woman recanted her story, saying she made it up.

Louis Cappelli Has 8 Hour Emergency Brain Surgery


Saw this on Channel 12 News.

Story was that he was in the shower and leaned forward and felt a massive pain in his head. His wife (pictured here with him at a charity event) convinced him to get medical attention. He was found to have a brain aneurysm and he was rushed into emergency medical surgery. He was in bed recovering when he spoke to Channel 12. He sounded pretty good for a guy who just had brain surgery. He said he would be back at work on Monday.

I guess that's the benefit of having one of your reporters dating Cappelli's spokesman.

Other than that Noam Bramson saw his political future flash before his eyes and nearly fainted, what else do we know?

As New Rochelle Races Wrong Way, Obama Announces Race to the Top


President Obama joined US Secretary Arne Duncan in announcing the draft application for the $4.35 billion "Race to the Top" Fund.

This largest-ever federal investment in education reform will reward eligible states for past accomplishments and create incentives for future improvement in four critical areas of reform: adopting rigorous standards and assessments; recruiting and retaining effective teachers, especially in classrooms where they are needed most; turning around low-performing schools; and establishing data systems to track student achievement and teacher effectiveness.

Don't worry, we won't see any of that money here. New York is one of four states that is INELIGIBLE for the program.

AP wrote about this morning:

Man Silenced by Upstate New York School Board Loses First Amendment Claim


D90B7F18-AD38-4251-93CB-53AC01FAC473.jpgA federal judge in the Northern District has ruled in favor of the South Glens Falls, N.Y. school board which removed a South Glen Falls resident who sought to discuss a topic prohibited by the school board at a previous meeting. The case provides a good example why web sites like Talk of the Sound play a vital role in permitting community discussion of actions by the school district that are not permitted at school board meetings. At the very least it ought to help the school board to articulate something that has, so far, escaped the, the legal basis for limiting free speech during the public comment period during school board meetings. The phrase they are looking for is "limited public forum".

New Rochelle BoE, FUSE, PTA, Strangle Taxpayer


9B3DAE76-CFB3-417A-89C2-B9BD67254ADF.jpgYou can't make this stuff up . Read this paragraph again from the Marty Daly investigation post:

So, if you are a parent with a concern about a particular teacher and seek to raise that concern up the chain of command within the District you will ultimately find yourself dealing with Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak and then Board of Education now run by Sara Richmond and Chrisanne Petrone. Defending that teacher will be the President of F.U.S.E., Marty Daly. If you seek to enlist the support of the New Rochelle PTA you will find yourself in front of...Marty Daly. If you try to go up the chain of command within the PTA you will find yourself in front of...Chrisanne Petrone.

Do you hear that little voice again telling you somethings wrong here ? We're being strangled by the ploy of the week .

Now read this excerpt from Section 74 Code of Ethics of the NYS Commission on Public Integrity:

New Rochelle Long-Term Planning: Lots of Empty Baskets, No Eggs


eggsbasket.tiffFormer Mayor Idoni, Mayor Bramson and the New Rochelle Democrats put all their eggs in one revenue basket which was sales tax. They signed tax abated big box stores, Home Depot & Costco, proclaiming, if we build stores, people will follow. Guess what? The people didn’t follow.

After their first failure, they went back to the drawing board and embarked on a development plan of erecting towering, tax-abated edifices, Avalon 1 & 2 and Trump/Cappelli, to entice people with “disposable income” who would flock to New Rochelle and support the downtown retail. Guess what? The people with “disposable income” came but shopped elsewhere.