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New Rochelle Firefighters Battle Working House Fire 55 Kress Avenu, 5 People Homeless


Video report below

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- An early morning two-alarm fire in New Rochelle left five people homeless today. There were no reports of civilian or fire fighter injuries although fire fighter had trouble with smoke inhalation. He was checked by EMS on scene and released.

New Rochelle Fire Department responded to a call of an electrical fire at 5:50 a.m. Monday morning at 55 Kress Avenue. First on the scene was Ladder 12 which reported a 10-75 alarm of fire, a fire in the attic area of the roof. Flames were through the roof of the three-family house. Five people living in the house evacuated themselves safely.

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Which New Rochelle High School Team Would Win Head-to-Head Match Up?


New Rochelle Paramedics Responding to Cardiac Arrest Overwhelmed by Flying Maggots and Stench from Cat Waste


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Paramedics from Transcare, responding to a report of a 70-year old woman in cardiac arrest along with the New Rochelle Fire Department, were forced to retreat due to strong odors from cat waste and flying maggots which engulfed them as they entered the house. The two paramedics remained in the house for several minutes but exited after they determined the woman had expired. Initial reports were that 18 cats were living in the house but this has not yet been confirmed.

The paramedics described an overwhelming stench from cat urine and cat feces, an odor that neighbors have been complaining about for years. The odor could clearly be detected 50 feet outside the house.

Scale Model of Heritage Homes, Replacement for Hartley Houses


I was in the New Rochelle development office at City Hall yesterday and found this really cool scale model on the conference table.