Part I: Taxpayer Dollars Used to Pay Medical Insurance Premiums for New Rochelle Board of Education President

Part II: Lacher's Medical Insurance Woes: The Story Behind the Story

Part III: Lacher's Medical Insurance Debts and His Conflict of Interest with Assistant Superintendent for Business & Administration John Quinn

Part IV: New Rochelle Board of Education Reads Prepared Statement at Special Meeting of the Board on Medical Insurance Debts

Part V: David Lacher Email to Board of Education Members Prior to Talk of the Sound Story on Medical Insurance Debts

Part VI: Martin Sanchez, former Board Member, in David Lacher, Mr. Quinn and CORRUPTION

Upcoming Scheduled Public Appearances by David Lacher

Coffee and Conversation with New Rochelle Board of Education President David Lacher on 4/25 9:30 AM at NRPL

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New Rochelle Parks Worker Busted On The Job With Heroin, Oxycotin and Urine After Crashing City Vehicle


Bjorkman photo

Keith Neal Bjorkman, 33, of 184 Harding in New Rochelle, NY was arrested by New Rochelle police on October 2, 2012. Bjorkman, a worker for the City of New Rochelle Department of Parks and Recreation, was charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance-7th, a misdemeanor, and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle-3rd, also a misdemeanor. He was released the same day on $250 cash bail and given a return date of October 16, 2012. His next court date is October 30, 2012.

Bjorkman crashed a city vehicle, a 2008 White Hino Dump Truck, into a light pole at Lincoln Park. Police responded to the scene. A search of the vehicle turned up a bag inside of which police found glassine envelopes containing a white powder, pills and a container holding a yellow liquid.

Why Did The New Rochelle Board of Education Fire An Employee for Drunk Driving Then Replace Him With Another Drunk Driver?


LittleJimmy 1

On September 17, 2007 Gary Iarocci was arrested for drunk driving by the New Rochelle Police Department. He was convicted of Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated First Offense on November 9, 2007. He was held overnight after his arrest, paid a $500 fine and given a Conditional Discharge. Iarocci has since passed away.

Iarocci was fired from his position as a Motor Equipment Operator with the New Rochelle Board of Education. Ironically, his replacement, James Vincent Bonanno had been convicted on an identical drunk driving charge two years earlier.

Mandarin Meltdown II: Former New Rochelle Schools Mandarin Teacher Threatens Legal Action Against Talk of the Sound


HuiAltman 253In April 2012, Talk of the Sound reported on a language teacher working at Ward School and Albert Leonard Middle School who reportedly became hysterical after she was informed she would not be retained as a teacher in the 2012-13 school year.

Hui Altman was initially told she would remain as a teacher until the end of the school year but after her outburst she was removed from her position that same day. Talk of the Sound reported on the incident based on police reports and information from sources at the school district.

In a subsequent phone call to Talk of the Sound, Altman denied much of the information in the police reports. We offered to publish an article based on her version of events which we did on September 1, 2012.

Yet Another New Rochelle Schools Employee Arrested, Vicious Assault Leaves Man and Woman Seriously Injured, Second Man Found Unconscious with Fractured Skull


WillieClarkWillie R. Clark, 44, of 16 Locust Avenue in New Rochelle, NY was arrested last October and later plead guilty to 3 charges of Assault in the 3rd Degree after he and another man brutally assault three people. All three victims were taken to Sound Shore Medical Center with serious injuries including one victim with a fractured skull.

The incident occurred on October 2, 2011. Clark and a second unidentified man, both black, got into an altercation with three white college-age patrons at Spectators Sports Pub & Restaurant located at 219 North Avenue in downtown New Rochelle, NY. As a result of the altercation, the five people involved were expelled from Spectators. Clark and the second man came upon the same three people a few blocks away, near the corner of North Avenue and Main Street, and charged at them with fists flying according to New Rochelle Police.

After his arrest, Clark blamed his arrest on his race, telling police "we let these white kids get drunk and do 'whatever the fuck they want" and that "white is right".

New Rochelle Schools Electrician Pleads Guilty to Sex Charge Involving a Minor


Patrick clark

Patrick Clark, 42, of 50 Highland Avenue, New Rochelle, New York pled guilty to Attempted Disseminating Indecent Material to Minors in the First Degree, a class “E” Felony, on October 16th before Judge Susan Cacace in Westchester County Court in White Plains, NY.

The case was adjourned to January 15, 2013 for sentence. Clark faces a maximum sentence of four years in state prison.

Assistant District Attorney Toni Ann Gagliardi of the Investigations Division prosecuted the case.

Another New Rochelle School District Employee Arrested; Isaac Young Teaching Assistant Charged with Assault with a Weapon



Isaac Young Teaching Assistant Nancy Moreno, 48, of 373 Webster Avenue in New Rochelle was arrested by New Rochelle police following an incident at a residence on Lincoln Avenue where she allegedly assaulted a woman with a closet rod.

Moreno was charged with Assault 2nd Degree, assault with intent to cause physical injury with a weapon, a Class D Felony.

The incident on the evening of September 29th began as a dispute over a dog defecating on private property. Moreno was arrested at the scene after a call to New Rochelle police.

GETTING RESULTS: Huguenot Hills Begins Process of Installing Long-Missing Roof Drainage System in New Rochelle


HuguenotHills2012 560 After more than eight years, the Huguenot Hills Condominium Association has finally shown signs of undertaking work to rectify a serious roof drainage system which has caused dangerous road conditions for drivers and a severe icicle problem for pedestrians each winter.

The problems at the condo complex first came to the public attention following a series of reports by Talk of the Sound.

Bob Young, the builder of Huguenot Hills, failed to install a rooftop drainage system -- a series of interconnected gutters and leaders -- on about 80% of the front of the buildings which make up the luxury condo structure. Young somehow managed to to get a New Rochelle building inspector, John Caldararo, to sign off on the building's Certificate of Occupancy despite blindingly clear violations related to the missing rooftop drainage system.

New Rochelle City Council Votes 7-0 to Deny Cabaret License to Puerto Rican Restaurant


Siete Oco Siete NightThe New Rochelle City Council voted 7-0 to deny a controversial application cabaret license to Siete Ocho Siete, a Puerto Rican restaurant that opened over a year ago after extensive renovations predicated on the expectation that a cabaret license would be approved without question.

In public discussions last night, council members raised concerns that the parking plan proposed by the ownership of Siete Ocho Siete did not meet minimum requirements.

"I think we all were in agreement that the application provided by 787 was insufficient as to our requirements for a special use cabaret license," Coucilman Jared Rice told Talk of the Sound.

The plan, according to knowledgeable sources inside City Hall, designated the entire parking lot at the strip mall where the restaurant is located to meeting parking requirements. The restaurant lease, however, designates a limited number of parking spaces to the restaurant.