GETTING RESULTS: Huguenot Hills Begins Process of Installing Long-Missing Roof Drainage System in New Rochelle


HuguenotHills2012 560 After more than eight years, the Huguenot Hills Condominium Association has finally shown signs of undertaking work to rectify a serious roof drainage system which has caused dangerous road conditions for drivers and a severe icicle problem for pedestrians each winter.

The problems at the condo complex first came to the public attention following a series of reports by Talk of the Sound.

Bob Young, the builder of Huguenot Hills, failed to install a rooftop drainage system -- a series of interconnected gutters and leaders -- on about 80% of the front of the buildings which make up the luxury condo structure. Young somehow managed to to get a New Rochelle building inspector, John Caldararo, to sign off on the building's Certificate of Occupancy despite blindingly clear violations related to the missing rooftop drainage system.

New Rochelle City Council Votes 7-0 to Deny Cabaret License to Puerto Rican Restaurant


Siete Oco Siete NightThe New Rochelle City Council voted 7-0 to deny a controversial application cabaret license to Siete Ocho Siete, a Puerto Rican restaurant that opened over a year ago after extensive renovations predicated on the expectation that a cabaret license would be approved without question.

In public discussions last night, council members raised concerns that the parking plan proposed by the ownership of Siete Ocho Siete did not meet minimum requirements.

"I think we all were in agreement that the application provided by 787 was insufficient as to our requirements for a special use cabaret license," Coucilman Jared Rice told Talk of the Sound.

The plan, according to knowledgeable sources inside City Hall, designated the entire parking lot at the strip mall where the restaurant is located to meeting parking requirements. The restaurant lease, however, designates a limited number of parking spaces to the restaurant.

GETTING RESULTS: Civil Service Commission Acknowledges Errors But Questions Persist


On October 11, 2012, a story was published by Talk of the Sound which indicated that "several violations of law may have occurred" with the provisional appointment of Kevin McKenna to the position of Property Code Inspector in the City's Building Department. According to City records, Mr. McKenna was hired on July 28, 2012.

Records obtained through a FOIL request by Talk of the Sound indicate that in April of 2012, Michael Freimuth, the appointing authority for the Building Department, advised Civil Service Administrator Y. Jeanett Medina that a vacancy needed to filled for a Property Code Inspector. The position is in the competitive class which means that it must be filled by examination. However, according to the records, the position was filled provisionally. In other words, no test was given.

Civil Service Watch: Recent Hiring of New Rochelle Property Code Inspector May Have Involved Multiple Violations of NYS Law


At a recent meeting of the New Rochelle Civil Service Commission, Civil Service Administrator Ms. Y. Jeanett Medina inaccurately stated the circumstances of the recent hiring of a Property Code Inspector for the Building Department raising questions as whether the City of New Rochelle violated New York State law in filling the position this past summer.

At a September 28, 2012 meeting of the NRCSC, Medina advised the board of the probationary appointment of Mr. Kevin McKenna as a Property Code Inspector for the Building Department. She stated that Mr. McKenna was "originally appointed on July 30, 2012" from the lists and claims "he was taken off a list we have right now" and, for a third time, states that McKenna was "was taken off a list".

A review of records obtained by Talk of the Sound under the Freedom of Information Law does not indicate that McKenna was hired off a civil service list, a conclusion later confirmed by a senior administrative official appointed by New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson.

Federal Raid on New Rochelle Home Nets 50 Pounds of Methamphetamine Worth $800,000, Largest in State History Says DEA


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- A DEA task force including members of the New Rochelle Police Department, New York State Police and New York Police Department raided a house at 71 Church Street in New Rochelle, NY on Sunday afternoon. Law enforcement agents including some DEA agents seized roughly 50 pounds of methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $800,000.

U.S. Postal Service Van Hit and Run Sends Car Rolling 30 Feet in New Rochelle


On July 3rd, 2012 a New Rochelle resident came home from work to his home on Farragut Circle to discover that his car, a red 1991 Toyota, was no longer parked where he had left it but about 30 feet further down the road. The owner of the vehicle was completely mystified.

A security camera installed at the front of the home near the front door provided the answer.

The video shows that the vehicle was rear-ended by a U.S. Post Office delivery van. The postal carrier driving the van struck the parked car and the force of the impact pushed the car forward out of the frame.

According to Post Office sources, the postal carrier drove forward, got out of his vehicle and inspected the Toyota for damage. Post Office policy requires that a postal carrier involved in a collision call back to the office and report the incident. Seeing no significant damage, the postal carrier decided to continue on his route with the intention to report the incident when he got back to the office. He failed to do that was disciplined as a result.

New Rochelle Board of Education Discussion of Echo Bay Development


New Rochelle Board of Education Meeting on August 28, 2012. Discussion Item: Echo Bay Development.

In attendance, Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak, Board of Education President Chrisanne Petrone, Board of Education Vice President Deidre Polow, Board of Education Members David Lacher, Jeffrey Hastie, Valerie Orellana, Rachel Relkin, Naomi Brickell, and Mary Jane Reddington.

Unofficial Transcript

ORGANISCIAK: OK. Echo Bay. Who would have ever thought that we would be talking about Echo Bay in the educational part of this building? Echo Bay proposal…uh…we were invited...

PETRONE: Yeah, I was. Richard had reached out to me. I was invited to go to a meeting. I was obviously out of the country as was Dee so I had asked Rachel to kind of go to the meeting on behalf of me and Dee and just gather information so I am sure you can give us update but Rich if you can talk a little about that.