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Grab that umbrella, it's Rain Shower out there!
6 hours 33 min ago
RT : I spent a good part of the past two days digging up dandelions in my yard. Now my lawn is green…and looks like a family of gophers moved in!
9 hours 19 min ago
RT : Berkeley Campus On Lockdown After Loose Pages From ‘Wall Street Journal’ Found On Park Bench
9 hours 19 min ago
9 hours 20 min ago
RT : Access LIVE StormTracker 4 radar on our app & website. Zoom down to street level and see rain in real-time!…
9 hours 21 min ago
RT : . I've had my cochlear implant since 1999 (I'm 20 yrs old now) and I would not be the person I am today without it!
9 hours 21 min ago
RT : NRBVL lost to Irvington today 6-9 and the Golf team also suffered a loss against White Plains
9 hours 23 min ago
RT : Some Great Indian Food for our night off.
9 hours 25 min ago
RT : New ro baseball defeats scarsdale 4-1!
9 hours 27 min ago
RT : Great speaking at the today about what it means to be a Representative in Congres…
9 hours 29 min ago
RT : Israeli PM Netanyahu lays wreath at the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem as country marks Holocaust Remembrance Day wi…
9 hours 30 min ago
RT : Zeke finds no Spark of Joy in my discarding / tidying my house; while my back was turned he chomped on my…
9 hours 31 min ago
RT : Rebecca Leaman named Class of 2017 valedictorian - from
9 hours 32 min ago
Grab that umbrella, it's Light Rain out there!
11 hours 3 min ago
Grab that umbrella, it's Rain out there!
14 hours 38 min ago