Is New Rochelle the "Best Places to Raise Your Kids"?

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Is New Rochelle the "Best Places to Raise Your Kids"?

November 13, 2008 - 16:10

In ranking the city among the best places to raise kids in the United States, Business Week magazine describes New Rochelle as "the suburban home of Rob and Laura Petrie in “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” is still a relatively affordable place in ritzy Westchester County. New Rochelle is an ethnically diverse place with a bustling downtown and a mix of single-family homes and apartments."

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The New Rochelle School District is amazing! My students went to Trinity, and they now attend Isaac Young. They have learned so much from the wonderful staff and administration at each school. Even though New Rochelle ranks at the bottom of teachers pay in Westchester they seem to have the most qualified and hard working teachers around! Also, It's diversity makes it truly a special place! I have recommended New Rochelle and its schools to numerous people. Congrats again for a great job!!!

I agree that NR schools are amazing. They make diversity work in a very positive way because the staff and faculty, for the most part, truly value the student body. Many kids who leave the NR schools after high school really come to appreciate the uniqueness of their education when they see what a rarity schools like those in NR really are.

and now they want to raise property taxes and NOT go forward with Full Day Kindergarden in 2009/2010 School Year.

Why do New Rochelle Property owners ALWAYS have to pay for City Official MISTAKES! Come on everyone, OPEN your EYES!!!! New Rochelle City Hall is FULL OF IT!!!!

Why are we, the property owners, paying our Mayor over $80K a year? The mayor’s position is a part-time position that gets full time pay & benefits. Our City Council members are making over $30K for a part time position as well. How about all the overtime we pay other City employees?

Cap or eliminate overtime. This is easily done in companies all over the world, but then again, New Rochelle City Hall id run by people who don’t even know how to tie their own shoes but love to spend tax payer’s money. Example: The City of New Rochelle purchased four (4) massive brand new salt trucks. The problem is that these trucks are only capable of plowing maybe 30% of city roads due to their enormous size. Two, there are only two (2) drivers that are qualified to navigate these trucks. So why did they purchase four (4)? The cost of these trucks came close to three quarters of a million dollars ($ 750,000). Who authorized this purchase? Why would they authorize this purchase? I’ll tell you why, because it’s not their money!!!!

The City of New Rochelle pays money to so called employees that have no business being involved in any Official or Non-Official City business. They over staff departments that do not need to be and under staff departments that need more people, such as our Fire Department & Police Department.

The City of New Rochelle and its Board of Education should trim the FAT! Start with their overly paid Commissioners, the City Manager, the Mayor, City Council members, so on and so forth.

But what do we really expect from City Hall? Not much and the same as usual. They did the easy thing, just raise the peoples taxes, that’s all.

He’s an idea, stop granting tax exemptions to developers for obscene amounts of time. Both Avalon’s, The Trump Tower, New Roc, and all future development have struck deals with City Hall that exempts them from paying school & property taxes.

I say we initiate a Renters Tax. This tax should have three categories.

Category 1: Renters with Children attending our School System (15% of their rent agreement)
Category 2: Renters with No Children (8% of their rent agreement)
Category 3: Senior Citizens (either 2% of rent agreement or Tax Exempt)

Anyone with out of state registered vehicles should be taxed. The registered drivers should register their vehicle with either the local PD or City Clerk’s Office. They will in turn be given a sticker that would have to be placed on a specified designated area on their vehicle. Anyone driving without this official sticker would be fined.

These are just two ideas…